Invisible Ladder Stitch

The invisible ladder stitch is a very nice stitch to use when you do not wish your hand stitches to be so obvious.

Step 1 – Needle and Thread

Your needle and thread should be compatible with your fabric.  If your fabric is light and sheer, you should use a thread that is light weight…

If you are sewing something that will be subjected to wear and tear, I recommend you wax your thread with some bees wax to give it a little strength.  This will also help you while sewing as it keeps the thread from twisting a lot.

I typically sew with a single thread, as opposed to a double thread but if you think you need the strength of the double threads, by all means – double up.  Just go slow, watch for twisting, and make sure that you pull both threads completely through your project before moving to the next stitch.

Step 2 –