The Full Monty

Many of you probably figured out I was a pirate for Halloween.  I made two pirates actually.  My friend Jen was Captain Hook and I was the swashbuckling sidekick.  I was going to be the scurvy ridden version but it turns out the only requirement for that one was not showering for a week.  Jen said no.

Captain Hook started with Butterick 6114.  I simply modified the jacket.  The blouse underneath was actually purchased on Etsy but I had to modify it too.  Notice that the sleeves of the blouse come out the jacket.  The real blouse sleeves weren’t long enough to do this so I cut the flounce off of the bottom of the blouse and re-purposed it to be faux sleeves which are really just attached at the cuffs.

The skirt was probably my biggest challenge.  The front of the skirt is the roman style skirt with leather panels.  I used faux leather and painted them so that they weren’t so stark.  The back of the skirt is a bustle with five layers of alternating fabric, lace, and tulle.

What is interesting about the skirt is that Jen wanted a drop waist in heavy knit.  The idea behind the knit was so that it would be supportive and flexible to allow for sitting.  I drafted a skirt pattern with zero ease and put a zipper in the back.  My biggest concern was the weight of everything I was about to attach to that tiny knit skirt.  Even though the thing was going to be tight, there was the possibiolity of a wardrobe malfunction and the entire thing slipping off at some inopportune moment.  (is there ever an opportune moment for that ???)

In order to prevent this I stitched a band of grosgrain ribbon around the waist.  This was to keep the skirt from slipping below the hips.  Then in four places hanging off of the waist, I ran vertical strips of grosgrain to the base of the skirt.

The bustles were made from long strips of fabric that were heavily gathered.  I sewed all the bustle strips to 1 ½” elastic and then sewed the elastic panels onto the skirt by attaching them only at the vertical grosgrain strips.  I left a wee pucker between each section so that the bustle panels would stretch (rather than burst) when sitting.  It worked beautifully.

Jen made her own hat – which was quite lovely, I might add.

My pirate was super comfortable (and smelled quite nice).  I used the same Butterick 6114 pattern for my blouse and Simplicity 2067 for the leggings.  If you have never made leggings, you MUST try it.  They were the easiest thing imaginable and fit fabulously!  Very comfortable.Halloween Patterns 2016

My corset was made of real leather.  I was initially afraid of sewing real leather but it turned out to be quite easy.  Of course it was a very simple sew.  I finished it with a top stitch on the outside to stitch down each seam allowance.  Because it was a Halloween costume, it was neither lined nor boned.

The jacket was sort of an afterthought and I have no actual photos of me wearing it. Last year I made the mistake of not having a jacket.  This year though, it was so warm I was too hot.
The jacket was an exercise in perseverance and stubborn dedication.

I started out with McCalls 6818 intending to use View C.  It was too tight on the top and too flowing on the bottom for what I wanted so I ended up completely modifying the bottom of the jacket.

After my modification proved somewhat bad (the panels in the base of the jacket were not large enough and so nothing hung quite right), I ended up modifying it to work by adding lace godets in the side and center back seams.  I lined it with leftover quilt flannel.

I enjoyed this year’s costume projects immensly.  Now that it’s all over, it’s time to start preparing for 2017!

Thanks for reading,  Auntie V

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  1. These are really terrific. Another great costume project with good info for the construction. Can’t wait to see next years ideas.

  2. Wow, wow wow can not think of any other words, but I would recyle that awesome coat into next years costume as that is worth seeing on!

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