Mount Crumpet Creations was founded by me – Auntie V!

My name is Vicki and I live at the top of a mountain in the foothills of Denver, Colorado. I am fortunate to have a dedicated sewing area in my home where I spend the majority of my time. 

I have a special interest in making costumes, general garment construction, crafting, and quilting.  And now, I’m in the process of designing and creating sewing patterns for the items I enjoy making.

Over the past several years, I have been giving my handmade items to family and friends.

All of the gifts that I make are very practical so they are very practical gifts.  You know, the kind that people actually use.

One of the things I most enjoy about the gift-giving process is putting together gifts that are especially meaningful to the recipient.  Whether it is because of a personality trait, a theme that goes with their home furnishings, or based on a memory we share, I love the process of just making the gift personalized and special.

So I thought if I enjoy doing this, so might you.  My aim is to create patterns for practical gifts you can make and customize.  My blog focuses on my latest sewing escapades.  I would love to have new sewing/crafting/creative friends so I’m hoping you’ll not only read it, but will send me updates on what you’re making.

My newsletter will let you know when I’ve added items to my Etsy Shop or have published a new pattern.   In addition, and keeping with my gift-giving theme, each newsletter will contain an idea of how to create and package a fun and creative gift.

All of  my patterns have been tested several times and are made with easy-to-find fabrics.

My website has tutorials specific to my patterns.  All of my patterns can be found in my Etsy Shop, and are available immediately as PDF downloads.

While I am focusing my efforts on the pattern making process, my pattern testing process yields a limited number of finished items.  Everything I make is made with the utmost care and would make lovely gifts if you just don’t have time to make it yourself.

All of the finished items in my Etsy Shop are available to ship immediately.

Custom made projects are determined based on the criteria and take 6 -8 weeks to complete.  Please contact me at AuntieV@mountcrumpet.com if you are interested in discussing a custom piece.